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Welcome week

Salam, I see that you are interested to know more about NTUMS!

Come along with me and explore this page to learn more about what NTUMS has to offer and why you should join us.

SnshaAllah, we will discover what it's like to be part of the NTUMS family and to be a Muslim at NTU.

Who are we?

Screenshot 2021-09-11 160443.png


NTUMS is a vibrant community made up of eager and passionate NTU Muslim brothers and sisters.

We work together to serve the community and ultimately gain His pleasure.



Our Mission are to outreach to Muslim staff/students in NTU/NIE and beyond,

to develop strong, capable and

compassionate leaders, and

to promote a safe and Islamic

environment in NTU/NIE



To develop Mu'min (faithful believer) personalities, leading society towards Mardhatillah (the pleasure and blessings of God), alongside unifying and nurturing all members of the society.

The NTUMS family

here's our family in all its glory...impressive isn't it?

NTUMS Structure.png


affectionally referred to as 'subcomm'.

One way you can be part of NTUMS is by joining our subcomms.

Subcommers (what we call our subcomm members!) work closely with members of the EXCO to serve the needs of the community. their term last for a full academic year.

In NTUMS we have 5 subcomms which are marketing, training and development (TD), community outreach (CO), welfare and assets.


The other way to be part of NTUMS is to join our adhocs!

Simply put, they are initiatives focused on outreach within and beyond the community. 

Unlike subcomms, adhocs only run for 1 semester. they meet throughout the semester to discuss and plan events in relation to their adhoc objectives.

In semester 1, you can choose from 3 adhocs, whereas in semester 2, you can choose from 7* adhocs!

p.s. did you know that each adhoc serves a different purpose?


*one of the adhocs, overseas expedition (OE) is on hiatus due to COVID -19.

Being a Muslim in NTU

Now that we know what NTUMS is all about, let us find out how we can practise our faith in NTU



When the adhan sounds, its time to pray. here are the musollahs in NTU --  find the nearest one and perform your obligation



When your stomach growls, it's time to feast. here are the halal options in NTU - find your favourite and fill your tummy

Got a question?

We hope that you got all the answers you need, but if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us through this form.

fi amanillah

We look forward to seeing you in NTUMS!


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