Subcommittees work directly with the Executive Committee members to cater to the needs of the NTUMS community throughout the academic year, while Adhocs work on various, wide-ranging projects in Semester 1 or 2.



The Marketing Subcommittee is in charge of NTUMSʼ social media accounts and public image. They publicise NTUMSʼ initiatives and is also a great avenue for Muslim individuals to hone their creative talents.



The Business Subcommittee helps garner financial support for NTUMS. They innovate new and creative ways to build identity and generate revenue to help sustain NTUMSʼ events and initiatives.



The Development Subcommittee looks into the development of students, be it mentally or spiritually. They provide events to cater to the enrichment of NTUMSʼs members and explore various avenues for development to suit the different needs of the Muslim community.



The Welfare Subcommittee is responsible for planning and executing initiatives concerning the wellbeing of the Muslim community in NTU. Past initiatives include organising the Exam Welfare Programme, Custodiansʼ Appreciation Week and Dinner Pre-order Service during examination periods.



The Asset Subcommittee is integral to the smooth-running of NTUMS programmes. They provide logistical support such as Friday Prayer busses, and are also in charge of managing the prayer rooms around campus.


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