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The NTUMS Welfare Subcommittee aims to ensure, enrich and maintain the emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing of the NTU-NIE Muslim student community as well as our custodians on campus. Under the leadership of the Welfare Officer, subcommittee members will get ample opportunities to plan and execute exciting programmes, events and sessions over their 1-year term. Initiatives traditionally organised by the Welfare subcommittee include the semesterly Exam Welfare Pack, Mug & Makan as well as the Custodians Appreciation Week. Additionally, the AY21/22 subcommittee has also organised a bonding and wellness skills session called Unwind Session: Crocheting, as well as NTUMS' first coastal cleanup session.



  • Brainstorming for initial ideas

  • Coming up with the details for the execution of our events

  • Writing of Welfare subcomm event proposals and reports for the school


  • Handles our finances for all our subcomm events

  • Budget & Statement of Accounts reporting

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  • Sourcing for logistics and materials for all the Welfare subcomm programmes - from finding out the initial costs to the purchasing of the items


  • Welfairy of the subcommittee! Ensures wellbeing of subcomm members by initiating games and retreats

Publicity (ad-hoc)

  • Creates publicity materials for Welfare subcommittee events (IG posts, IG stories, Telegram posters)

*Members may be part of more than 1 team

*Structure is not fixed, may change depending on the team's goals

Image by Olga Thelavart


meet the team

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