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Training & Development

NTUMS Training and Development team organizes and manages events that aids in the spiritual development of NTU muslim community. Events would range from current issues faced by Muslims to foundations of Islam. Subcommittee members will be exposed to event planning, management and working in a team. This includes learning how to create event itinerary, liaise with external organizations and taking up new roles with regards to the events (e g. emcees, zoom moderators for online events, etc.)



  • Generate in-depth ideas of events, after brainstorming session with the team

  • Writing of proposals (includes objectives, desired learning outcomes and event itinerary)

  • Liaise with external organizations for event collaborations


  • Prepare necessary logistics required for event facilitation(ie registration table, video camera)

  • Provide refreshments to guest speakers and participants attending the events


  • Create creative content to publicise our events

  • Social Media/Online Content in the form of Instagram Posts, Telegram Posts and Videos

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Admin x Finance

  • Handle administrative tasks such as sending out information to participants and sourcing for in-kind sponsorships


  • Organize retreats and internal team bonding activities to keep the morale of the team high

*Structure is not fixed, may change depending on the team's goals

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