Quad Cafe

Noodles, rice and everything nice!

Korean Food

Annyeonghaseyo, if you're craving Korean food or maybe finding something sizzling, check out the Korean food stall! Authentic short-grain rice served in a steel bowl with Kimchi side. Masisseoyo!

Yong Tau Fu

If you're looking to personalize your meal, wait till you see the options they have from this stall. Meat, vegetable, mushrooms, seaweed, eggs, the list goes on. Then pair it with how you want it to be done; soup, tom yum, curry, fried and Mala!

Chinese Food

Talking about variety, Chinese food offers a range of mouth-watering dishes that you can pair up with your white fluffy rice at an affordable price. They also serve dumplings and different noodle option.

Economy Rice

If you're finding for something cheap, familiar and good, look no further as economy rice comes with a variety of dishes to fill your stomach.

Image by Pille R. Priske
How to get there

It is in between North and South Spine, near Nanyang Auditorium. To find out more, click on the link/directions to open it on your Google Maps.