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Halal Food Categories

With the various halal food option in NTU, it can be hard to pick what to eat. So to make your life simpler, we have categorised the food based on the cuisine it represents, no matter where it's located in NTU.


Malay Cuisine

When the makcik say sedap, it probably is. Malay food are filled with spices and savoury goodness to keep you full and happy. They tend to be gravy heavy but hey, you can request otherwise!

Image by Saktheeswaran Govindarajan

Indian Cuisine

If you think malay food has lots of spices, get ready to be overwhelmed by Indian cuisines cause they are super awesome. Sweet, salty, sour and bitter (sweet). Don't let me start talking about the texture =D

Ramen Bowl

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese food tends to be less on the spice but with a more aromatic smell and taste of course! Try eating noodles with chopsticks, they give a whole new different sensation!

Image by John Fornander

Western Cuisine

Crispy, juicy, tender. Melted cheese on a beef patty? Or maybe crispy battered Dory fish and soft on the inside. 


Indonesian Cuisine

A chicken, some crunchy chunk, rice, and lettuce, simple huh? Yep, Indonesian food is always simple in its cooking and serving. However, they have sooo many spices in them and you can feel it burning your tongue as well as your soul. Then, what you’re waiting for? Give it a try and let’s explore the rich taste of Indonesian cuisine.

Image by Jakub Kapusnak

Korean Cuisine

Like Chinese food, they are served with a wide range of colours, mostly a mix of scrumptious vegetables. They are the creators of Bulgogi Chicken/Beef and Kimchi. If you haven't tried them, head over to the nearest halal Korean stall in NTU!

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