Looking for a place to pray? NTUMS has got you covered. We have comfortable Musollahs around the NTU/NIE campus fitted with prayer mats, Qur'ans, and other paraphernalia.

*Due to Covid-19, please bring along your own praying mats to the Musollahs.


Need your card registered? 

*In line with the NTU Campus Security, all-female Musollah will require card access. If you need your matriculation/staff card to be registered, follow the guide below.

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Additional prayer spaces

There are a few additional places in NTU where you can do your prayers. They are not managed by NTUMS but its a great place to pray especially when they are closer than a nearby musollah.

Click on the "Musollah" story highlights (the row of circles) in our Instagram page. 

Please refer to the updated Musollah Video guide found in the links above. 

Level 1, Staircase (Near TCM Clinic)

Gender: Unisex

Wudhu Area: No

Recycled Paper
school of
Wee Kim Wee School of Information and Communications


Gender: Unisex

Wudhu Area: No

National Institute of Education

Carpark 2

Gender: Unisex

Wudhu Area: Yes

Recycled Paper