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Looking for a place to pray? NTUMS has got you covered. We have comfortable Musollahs around the NTU/NIE campus fitted with prayer mats, Qur'ans, and other paraphernalia.

*Due to Covid-19, please bring along your own praying mats to the Musollahs.


Need your card registered? 

*In line with the NTU Campus Security, all-female Musollah as well as Southspine Male Musollah will require card access.

If you need your matriculation/staff card to be registered, follow the guide below.

Using Keycard
Reading Map

Additional prayer spaces

There are a few additional places in NTU where you can do your prayers. They are not managed by NTUMS but its a great place to pray especially when they are closer than a nearby musollah.

Click on the "Musollah" story highlights (the row of circles) in our Instagram page. 

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