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NTU provides a free two-way shuttle bus service to Masjid Maarof for Friday Prayers.

Afternoon Prayer

Friday Prayer Bookings

In light of the Covid-19 safety guidelines, a prior timeslot booking is required before going for Friday Prayers. All Jemaah will need to have successfully completed vaccination (14 days after second dose), bring their own praying mat/sarongs to the mosque and an email confirmation of their booked timeslot before attending the Friday Prayers at the mosque. Click on the button below to book your timeslot now.

*Update 5/8/22: Maarof Mosque will only have 1 session of Friday Prayer and no booking is required. But do note that Safe Entry still applies

Friday Prayer Tele.png

Free Shuttle to Masjid Maarof

With effect from 12 August 2022, the Friday prayer shuttle bus service to Maarof Mosque will be resuming this semester and will continue to be a free service!

Departure to Maarof Mosque

Location: Carpark F (near SCSE and MSE)

Bus departure: 12:30pm


Departure to NTU 
Location:  Jalan Bahar Heavy Vehicle Park

Bus departure: When the bus is full OR by 2pm


Important notes

  • Bus service will not be running during finals and school break

  • Updates on the timing and availability of the shuttle service will be done on the NTUMS Telegram Channel.

Telegram Channel

​Join our Friday prayer Shuttle Bus service Telegram Group to receive the live updates on when the bus is leaving from NTU and any future updates to the service

Video guide to Carpark F

The video guide starts off from NorthSpine near Prime Supermarket. Follow the guide to get to the departure area at Carpark F. Do spare at least 15 minutes before 12.30pm to not miss the bus.

If you happen to miss the bus, you can get to Maarof mosque by taking the bus numbered '199' from the North Spine bustop (Near Lee Wee Nam Library).

Image by Alessa Ciraulo

Nearby Mosque

Directions to mosque near NTU

Masjid Maarof


By bus:

199 towards Boon Lay Interchange

By driving/riding:

20 Jurong West Street 26

Masjid Pusara Aman


By bus:

199 towards Boon Lay Interchange, stop at bustop before Jln Bahar, walk towards Jln Bahar and turn left to the bustop id 31011. Take either bus 172 or 405 for 4 stops.

11 Lim Chu Kang Rd, Singapore 719452

By driving/riding:

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