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Yusra is a local Humanitarian Project by NTUMS. It’s name, Yusra, means “ease” in Arabic. As such, the adhoc aims to provide relief to the elderly and underprivileged Muslim society in Singapore, as well as other groups in the society who are in need. Yusra regularly holds events every term, ranging from food and hamper distributions, camps for kids from underprivileged communities to the well known Raya Revamp, which has been Yusra’s main event since 2015.

In 2022, Yusra carried out 2 events, the first being a food hamper distribution for a lower income neighbourhood, and the second being a painting and refurbishment effort in a number of rental flats.

With these efforts and being able to see what the situation is like for those who are facing difficulties in the communities, is one way to remind us to always count our blessings and to give back to society. We hope to develop values of empathy, sincerity, service to others as well as open-mindedness in the NTUMS community.


In-charge and accounting of Yusra’s funds and ensure that Yusra has enough funds for the events planned for the term and also rollover funds for the following term. Being in finance includes the planning of budget for the events and execution of fundraising events and sourcing of business and organization for in-kind or monetary sponsorships for Yusra’s events. Most importantly, to prepare Cumulative Statements of Accounts at the end of term.  

The main responsibility of the logistics department is to provide logistics for Yusra’s events which includes working closely with the other departments and the NTUMS assets manager. These include procurement of items, loaning of equipment and transportation rental.

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The programmes department is the backbone of Yusra where they oversee the planning of the events for the term which includes sourcing and liaising with non-profit organizations to partner with for the events. Working closely with the other departments to ensure smooth execution of the events. Responsibilities include proposal crafting, booking of locations and program ideation.  

The publicity department is in charge of Yusra’s image through social media. This includes planning of online campaigns (Meet the Yusrarians), the introduction of the team with photoshoots and the summations of Yusra’s events. Also, designing posters, t-shirts and creating content to promote volunteerism on Instagram.  

The main responsibility of the welfare department is to look out for the well-being of Yusra’s members. This includes planning of retreats, setting up of bonding games and other welfare activities such as sharing sessions that ensure good bonding within the team.

*Structure is not fixed, may change depending on the team's goals


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