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Seekers' Garden

Seekers’ Garden is an Adhoc that organizes annual series of events under the student organization of NTU. Originally known as Monthly Dose of Islam, it was renamed as Seekers’ Garden in 2014. Seekers’ Garden aims to develop Muslims students from NTU and NIE spiritually and intellectually. Up till today, there have been a variety of topics conducted addressing students’ concerns as well as strengthening their relationship with Allah, The Almighty\

As Muslims, it is important that we always fulfill our obligations and be mindful of our etiquette with Allah s.w.t., Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., our family, and community. Thus, seeking knowledge is central to the life of a Muslim as it will help us to fulfill those obligations in a just and wise manner and ultimately, earn the pleasure of God. Hence, the notion of the Seeker of Knowledge is significant.

The imagery of the Garden, on the other hand, serves as a reminder to Muslims of Paradise. Moreover, the word seeker also represents a desire to look. Hence, humans from different walks of life are constantly seeking something at each point of their lives and the metaphor of Garden also represents a nurturing and safe environment that welcomes Muslims to find what they have been trying to seek in their lives, via our events.



Work largely in planning programmes involving both online and offline events, targeting NTU students as well as audiences in the wider community.


Takes on responsibilities that mainly involve constructing campaigns and strategies to boost engagement and interactions among our audiences pre and post event.

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In charge of budgeting and management of funds. This includes seeking sponsorships, along with devising fundraising initiatives to ensure sufficient support for carrying out events.


Commits themselves to fostering togetherness among members through exciting games and activities. They also take charge of ensuring participants’ safety during our events.


Oversees transportation and management of equipment and resources that may be required for our offline events. Given the current situation, they may be activated to help out with online event logistics such as sourcing out for possible online platforms.

*Structure is not fixed, may change depending on the team's goals


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