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NTUMS Pulse is in charge of promoting a healthier lifestyle among the NTU Muslim community, and beyond, through the organisation of events and campaigns. Over the years, Pulse has expanded its definition of healthier living to include various aspects of health such as physical, nutritional, and mental, while also incorporating spiritual health into all the other aspects.

Pulse members will undertake intra- and inter-departmental roles to ensure smooth execution of Pulse projects, depending on the goals of the team for that term. These roles may include promotion of merchandise and events, liaising with organisations for sponsorship and participants for payment, drafting event proposals and sourcing for logistics.



  • Plan the number and type of events for the term to address any of the different aspects of health (physical, nutritional, mental)

  • Execute the different events and delegate tasks to members or volunteers

  • Liaise with other departments to ensure the event planning and execution is seamless


  • Collate and procure logistics needed by any department or for any Pulse event

  • Prepare refreshments and other welfare stuff for meeting or events

  • Plan bonding activities for the team

  • Look out for the mental health and wellbeing of the team

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  • Front-to-end preparations for team photoshoot

  • Design and sale of merchandise for fundraising

  • Promotion of events (e.g. ImPulse and OlymPulse) and campaigns (social media posts)

  • Event summations via social media


  • Sourcing for vendors and sponsorships for fundraising and events

  • Recruiting participants, handling registration and payment

  • Managing funds, statements of account, and receipt compilations etc.

*Structure is not fixed, may change depending on the team's goals


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