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Orientation Programme

Orientation Programme is a collaborative effort between NTUMS and NTU/NIE Malay Language and Cultural Society (Perbayu) to welcome Malay/Muslim freshmen into NTU. We hope to create a welcoming environment and provide freshmen with a smooth transition from their post-secondary institutions. Throughout the programme, the freshies will be exposed to various games, bonding activities as well as school tours to familiarize themselves with NTU. Most importantly, this programme serves to promote and introduce NTU Muslim Society and NTU/NIE Malay Language and Cultural Society (Perbayu) to freshmen.



  • plan the itinerary of the programme

  • come up with the storyline for the programme

  • liase with other departments for

  • plan the activities for the programme


  • design posters for fundraisers, recruitment

  • design promotional materials (videos & IG posts) for the programme

  • design logos, t-shirts and memorabilia for the programme

  • carry out photoshoots and film content for the programme

Screenshot 2022-06-14 124124.png


  • source materials for the programme

  • fill up the logistics sheet if loaning items from NTUMS or Perbayu store

  • plan the flow and structure of the programme

  • allocate the groupings of the freshmen

  • create recruitment form for volunteers and freshmen

  • create reference booklets for volunteers

  • come up with safety rules and briefing


  • plan and execute fundraisers

  • come up with projected budget

  • obtain monetory and non-monetory sponsorships

  • prepare welfare packs

  • manage welfare funds

  • prepare snacks for weekly meeting

  • ordering of t-shirts and memorabilia for the programme

*Structure is not fixed, may change depending on the team's goals


meet the team

  • Instagram


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