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Islamic Awareness Programme

Islamic Awareness Programme (IAP) aims to share about Islam and its values with NTU students. It is the only Adhoc in NTUMS that invites non-NTUMS members and people from other faith groups to participate and join in our activities. The adhoc achieves this through initiatives aimed at providing valuable insights regarding the daily practices, actions, and beliefs of fellow Muslims, while debunking prevalent myths. This encourages healthy discussions between Muslims and non-Muslims on the universal teachings of Islam to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for one of the most popular religions in the world.



Design campaigns that reach out to our target audience, according to the theme of the year. In the recent years of Covid, the campaigns shifted online, on social media such as on Instagram and online info-board. The content was delivered via Prezi while a Quizziz challenge was launched to consolidate learning, with prizes to be won. These campaigns also promote meaning connections between individuals of other faith and within the Muslim society in NTU.


Plan programs to communicate the message and theme for the year. Inclusive but not restricted to talks, or video series on social media. Check out last year’s Share-a-Thought series where we invited Muslims and non-Muslims to share their thoughts on charity in Islam.

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Communicate the theme for the adhoc in a creative and interesting way. Curate the image of IAP. Works closely with the campaigns and programs to make their vision come true. Also, the brains behind our wonderful photoshoot.


A combination of finance and logistical roles, resource members get to also plan tazkirah sessions during meetings and fundraisers for the term.


Ensure that all adhoc members are well-fed and taken care of physically and emotionally. Plans out bonding activities and the theme for weekly meetings. Coordinate birthday celebrations for members. Should events be physical, the doorgifts/favours and food for participants will be under the purview of this department.

*Structure is not fixed, may change depending on the team's goals


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