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ELEVEN is the official publication of NTUMS. Beginning as a simple newsletter and evolving rapidly into a beloved print magazine, ELEVEN's brand centres around creative expression, intellectual discourse, spiritual engagement, and the exchange of ideas. It is this broad ethos that motivated the team to bring the content into the online space in 2020.

The name ELEVEN derives from the addition of five and six, representing the 5 Pillars of Islam and 6 Tenets of Faith respectively. These serve as guiding principles to the issues ELEVEN explores just as they act as the foundation to our religion. Athough with each term the different committees may focus on different objectives, ELEVEN still centres much of our ethos around these ideas, and produces content to appeal not only to Muslims but to the community at large too. We also accept contributions from the public, in the spirit of encouraging expression and reflection among the community.



The Editorial department ensures that pieces published on ELEVEN website adhere to our content and style guides to maintain integrity of the platform.

They also:

  • Conceptualise and develop a thematic brief based on the theme selected for the specific ELEVEN term (if any)

  • Plan the content queue for the website

  • Manage the website and ensure that pieces are published every week

  • Liaise with contributors of

  • Write the captions for companion posts on social media platforms


Production are in-house content creators of They work individually and together as a department to produce written and multimedia pieces with the aim of maintaining a balance between intellectual and light-hearted pieces and bringing  awareness of current issues in the community.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Pitching content to potential collaboration partners

  • Managing and uploading video content for our YouTube channel

  • Facilitating the production of pieces (may include sourcing for talent and equipment, planning shoot schedule etc.)

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The Marketing  department manages the overall image and branding of ELEVEN’s social media presence and focuses on outreach efforts to increase brand awareness and in turn, increase readership and contributors of the platform.

Their responsibilities also include:

  • Managing and curating  social media postings and content

  • Responding to messages and enquiries

  • Planning and executing team photoshoot

  • Providing publicity and coverage for key events


The main responsibility of the Finance department is to ensure that ELEVEN has enough funds to sustain itself as an adhoc. As an online publication, ELEVEN incurs overhead costs of running a website. We also aim to provide training workshops and advanced content-creating softwares for the committee.

Hence, Finance’s responsibilities include:

  • Planning and executing fundraiser(s)

  • Managing  our corporate portfolio and sourcing for sponsorships and external vendors for events

  • Recording and accounting for any income and expenditure

*Structure is not fixed, may change depending on the team's goals


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