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Our Adhocs

Adhocs are project-based initiatives that run during a semester. They feature a wide range of initiatives from overseas volunteering to content creation. We have a total of 8 adhocs; most of which occur during semester 2 while Islamic Awareness Programme (IAP), Eleven and Safwa occurs in semester 1.




NTUMS Alterisk is an outreach programme that caters to vulnerable youths.


ELEVEN is the official publication of NTUMS. Beginning as a simple newsletter and evolving rapidly into a beloved print magazine, ELEVEN's brand centres around creative expression, intellectual discourse, spiritual engagement, and the exchange of ideas.


Islamic Awareness Programme

Islamic Awareness Programme (IAP) aims to share about Islam and its values with NTU students. It is the only Adhoc in NTUMS that invites non-NTUMS members and people from other faith groups to participate and join in our activities.


Orientation Programme

Orientation Programme is a collaborative effort between NTUMS and NTU/NIE Malay Language and Cultural Society (Perbayu) to welcome Malay/Muslim freshmen into NTU.



NTUMS Pulse is in charge of promoting a healthier lifestyle among the NTU Muslim community, and beyond, through the organisation of events and campaigns.



Safwa is an NTU all-girls adhoc under the NTUMS. We aim to inspire and empower Muslimahs by creating a safe space for Muslimahs to grow and improve themselves.


Seekers' Garden

Seekers’ Garden aims to develop Muslims students from NTU and NIE spiritually and intellectually.



Yusra is a local Humanitarian Project by NTUMS. It’s name, Yusra, means “ease” in Arabic. As such, the adhoc aims to provide relief to the elderly and underprivileged Muslim society in Singapore, as well as other groups in the society who are in need.

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